There is much pleasure in serving the Ummah for the sake of Allah Subhana’Talla
C Cambridge Muslim Trust

Fulfilling spiritual needs of

our community

Cambridge Muslim Trust purchased a Church in 2008, and initially renovated ground floor to facilitate daily salaah. The basement was cleaned and renovated the basement where we have offered Arabic classes, Training to the Government agencies and weekly Halaka Over the years, we have dug out the entire basement and moved the Masjid area in to the basement so as to enable us to begin on the ground floor We have a large number of International scholars who visit and give talks at our Masjid Al Ikhlas and Cambridge Community Centre

Cambridge City

United Kingdom

Cambridge is a city on the river Cam in eastern England, home to the prestigious University of Cambridge that dates back to 1209. The University colleges include King’s famed for its Choir and towering Gothic Chapel as well as Trinity founded by King Henry VIII and St John with its 16th Century Great Gate University Museums have exhibits on archaeology, anthropology, polar exploration, history, science and zoology


Muslim Trust

Assalaam alaykum wa rahamtullah wa barkatu Cambridge Muslim Trust is a Islamic charitable organisation, committed to providing services, help and support to the Muslim community in Cambridge and surrounding areas We are a non political and Cambridge Muslim Trust provides opportunities for the community to come together and interact socially whilst fulfilling their spiritual obligations as Muslims. The Trust aims to develop a harmonious relationship with the community at large as well as sharing the true message of Islam to all interested persons in order to create an atmosphere in which our community and particularly our young are proud to declare their faith Our Mission: “You [believers] are the best Community ever brought forth for [the good of] humankind: you enjoin what’s right. and you forbid what is wrong. and you believe in god.” [3:110] The Quran gives us the clearest possible mission for the Muslim community in the above verse. it is a perfect declaration of the believers' collective purpose in society. guiding the human being to right action is, in fact, what the Quran is all about. rendering that right action operational making it happen in the world was precisely the human mission of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). The Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi Wa sallam) has said: "those who help a Muslim in hardship in this world, will be protected by Allah from suffering hardship in the Hereafter....Allah will help his servants as long as they help their fellow Muslim brothers", (narrated by Muslim and Abu- Daud). "if one of you goes with your brother to help him, fulfill his duty, and then the Prophet made a small sign with his fingers and added, that is better for him than making a i'tikaf in my mosque for two months", (narrated by al-Hakim). Our Values: Empowerment Inclusiveness Partnership Quality Respect Integrity Growth Our Vision: “Our vision is to work for an empowered spiritually conscientious community that leads in a achieving a prosperous and cohesive community”