C Cambridge Muslim Trust
Our Youth: This is our future Ummah. If we dont take care of them and guide them, we will have no future. Statistics suggest, if you do not have 30% of our congregation is not under the age of 30 especially at weekends, than that Mosque is in real danger of closing down in 10 years. We would like to involve more Youth involvement beyond that Horse riding outings, the Sunday Youth club, the Saturday Abu Bakar Islamic School. Its part of our 2021 strategy and Insha’Allah keep an eye on this space
Our Community at large: In Cambridge, we live in quite a transient community. Its the Trusts responsibility to make sure Muslim Youth that come to study in our beautiful city do not feel lonely or left out. The community comes together on Eid Days for an Eid Party We also hold BBQ’s, Tandoori Nights, Halaka’s at the Masjid Al Ikhlas and we aim to increase the interaction as part of our 2021 vision
Our Sisters: Its said when you teach a brother, its only a brother that you educate. When you educate a sister. Its a whole generation that you educate. Sisters are normally at home and have loads of time on their hands. Its our intention to involve as many sisters as possible with in the framework of our 2021 visio
Counselling and Mental Health: Todays fast pace life and onset of Technology has changed the dynamics of much. Mental Health is an element that affects 1 in 4 families. This may be due to many factors like finances, illness, depression, break down of a marriage. We are pro-actively looking at changing the dynamic of this issues within our community
Our Reverts: Many brothers and sisters are often involved in dawah. Many people as a result do take the Shahdah. What often is not realised that most help is required at the point of taking shahdah. With consultation with iera, who do a lot wonderful with work reverts. It is our aim to make sure we do the right thing by all converting and existing reverts in our community
Matrimonial: Statistics show the sisters far exceed brothers that are eligible for marriage. As a community, its our collective responsibility to ensure good marriages and family unions are created. Its our intention to create a halal forum that does not intimidate our young from seeking good partners
Arabic, Quran and Hifz Classes: Masjid al Ikhlas has been offering classes to the young and adults. It is our aim to streamline and make them more accessible to all
Ghusal and Janazah: It’s incumbent on every Muslim community to bury its departed with respect and dignity. The Ajr of this outweighs the weight of mount Udh. We have provision at the moment that works, however it is our intention to make it better and Insha’Allah as part of our Vision 2021, that is very much on the cards
Hospice and Hospital Visits: We have a very large internationally recognised hospital on our doorstep. There are many Muslim patients accompanied by familes that come to Cambridge. The stress of a sick loved one and being in an unknown city can be quite daunting. Furthermore you have Muslims in palative care. More often then not, some are alone and no one to hold their hand. Its our intention to make sure help is there for those needing it
Scholars visits and Lectures: Our Masjid Al Ikhlas is very fortunate to have welcomed many world renowned scholars from all the world, who have kindly given talks and lectures at the Masjid. Masha’Allah the youth conference hosted by us in the summer had no less then 30 scholars. Insha’Allah its our aim to open this to a wider community
Women’s Hub We ran this in the past and was halted due the renovation. It is our intention recommence this facility for the sisters run by the sisters dealing with all kinds of their issues It also creates a big and loving community and that is very much in Vision 2021
Mosque Collaboration: It is very much with in our ethos to forge good relationships with all the mosques in the UK and most certainly in Cambridge. We believe we all need to unite and create a platform of unity and single front for the sake of our future generations
There is much pleasure in serving the Ummah for the sake of Allah Subhana’Talla.